Let Method B Ltd support your business goals.

Bespoke Software Development

We develop software according to your needs. This might be:

We have experience developing software (including web applications), using a variety of technologies such as Python, R, Processing (Arduino), Javascript and PHP.

Quality and Systems Consultancy

We have considerable experience design, implementing and operating quality systems and other management systems. We can help you maintain and improve your existing systems or implement entirely new systems with you. Our extensive knowledge of these systems, combined with our software development expertise, makes us the ideal partner to help you streamline your business and achieve your goals. One of our key focuses is to help reduce the burden of running management systems effectively. At the core of all of our systems consultancy is that they must be at the heart of your business, clearly adding value, not something that is someone else’s responsibility.

This includes management systems conformant to ISO 9001 and AS 9100. Our experience also extends to systems for managing special processes and the associated accreditation schemes such as Nadcap.

Marketing and Communication

We know how difficult it can be to market your business to a technical audience. Many companies have their marketing handled by non-specialised marketing/PR companies. However often it is clear that these marketing materials are not written by someone who understands the subject matter. To build a relationship with potential customers as a trusted advisor, you need to have credible marketing material for your target audience.

In addition to our technical communication and copywriting services, we can offer website design and development, including Google Analytics and Google AdWords management.

We specialise in marketing for aerospace manufacturing companies and marketing for laboratories.

Compliance Services

As society and policymakers continue to expect more from companies, requirements that products, services and processes must meet have increased in recent years. Method B Ltd can assist you in your compliance efforts and can create a compliance plan tailored to your business. We also offer narrower compliance services, such as consultancy on REACH.

Data Analysis

Method B Ltd can help you to understand your data. It is now common for companies to collect large volumes on data, however much of this data is not used to its full potential. SMEs often do not have the skills in-house to make the most of their data, but Big Data doesn’t just have to be for big companies.

We can help you to:

Our expertise in business, science and engineering means that we can often undertake analyses with minimal input and context from the client, reducing the burden on your own technical staff.

Once models and/or analyses are validated, we can help to build them into your business processes for maximum long-term value. We can build you software utilities or spreadsheets, as appropriate, so that your own staff can carry on gaining the benefit of the work that we have done together.

Other Services

We also offer services around: