Method B Ltd

Do you need systems or software developed?

Do you want to improve your company’s quality or business operations?

Would access to broad technical expertise help your business to develop and grow?

Let Method B Ltd support your business goals.

Method B Ltd specialise in supporting businesses. We know how tricky it is to sustain growth and excellence in business, especially in complex and highly regulated industries. We understand that it doesn't always make sense for organisations to maintain comprehensive in-house technical teams, particularly in smaller companies or smaller divisions. However with or without an in-house team, organisations cannot neglect the technical aspects of their businesses if they want to continue to prosper. Technical activities that all organisations need to adequately resource include:

It is expensive to maintain the proficiency and expertise that these aspects require. Often, these activities may not get the attention that they really need. Elsewhere, these activities may be handled suitably, but doing so may unacceptably stretch resources (particularly the precious time of key team members) or prevent your team from focusing on their key competencies.

Method B Ltd works like a virtual technical team and can handle these activities for you. We only work with clients where there is potential for long term engagements. We take the time to understand what makes your company special and what challenges it is facing and then work with you to develop plans to improve and to tackle these challenges. Our plans include simple-language objectives that can be measured and actionable advice. With our help, you can focus on running and growing your business and reaping the rewards that come with it.

While we offer services tailored to individual customers, we find it helpful to offer some standard services: