Python Development

Do you need a web app or other software written in Python?

Do you have an application that’s written in Python that needs to be maintained?

Are you exploring data with Pandas and NumPy/SciPy and need some help? Let us help you!

At Method B Ltd, we’re Python programmers, with experience using it for web development, data analysis and all sorts of other applications. We do a lot with Python:

Depending on the project, we can be available on an daily or hourly pay-as-you-go basis when you need us, as part of a monthly arrangement or for a fixed-fee.

Preferred Technologies

We're experienced with many Python modules and can adapt to whatever the project requires. However when presented with a blank canvas, some of our preferred technologies include:

Our services also extend to frontend development, with extensive knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, modern Javascript and abstractions such as jQuery and Bootstrap.

As professional developers, we adhere to best practices (as appropriate to the scale, complexity and nature of the project):