Marketing and Websites for Laboratories

Finding customers as a test or calibration lab, is never easy. For a start, your customers often will not even know what they want before they speak to you, just that they need something. With this type of business, it’s essential to focus on building a brand as a trusted advisor. There’s often a very fine balance between properly explaining what you offer and blinding with science. In many cases, you have to try to please both customers that are unsure of what they need and customers that are professionals in your field.

We understand that the marketing needs of a test lab focused on commoditised tests (such as asbestos identification and WAC analysis) are very different to one that is focused on an industrial niche (such as viscosity calibrations) or forensic science. We can help you showcase your good practice marks, whether that’s UKAS/A2LA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO Guide 34, Nadcap MTL accreditation or GLP recognition.

Services we offer include:

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