REACh Consulting

Are you confused about your duties under REACh?

Are you unsure about the impact of REACh on your supply chain?

Do you know whether your products contain SVHCs?

Method B Ltd can help you understand and meet your duties under the REACh regulation (EC 1907/2006). We can assist you in understanding whether you have duties as a downstream user or a registrant (manufacturers and importers of substances) and what this means for you.

We can help companies of all scales, but our service is particularly targeted at small and medium businesses without or with limited in-house expertise. Whether you design and make your own products, you build-to-print or you assemble components that you buy - our service is for you.

We know how confusing the jargon and chemical terminology can be, so we'll explain everything to you in plain English at every step of the way. We offer training and advice to make REACh compliance simple.

Substances of Very High Concern

We'll work with you to develop a risk assessed approach to identifying any SVHCs in your products and supply chain. When necessary, we can help you to estimate whether any of these SVHCs are present above the 0.1% threshold.

As this risk assessment develops, we can help you to understand what opportunities you have to substitute, minimise or eliminate any SVHCs.

There are 168 SVHCs at the time of writing. These have been identified because of their hazard to human health or the environment (in particular carcinogens, mutagens, substances toxic for reproduction and bio-persistant/bio-accumulative). A full list of SVHCs is available from the ECHA, but it may be helpful to understand that there are some common themes within the list:

What next?

Get in contact with us at Method B Ltd and we can talk about what steps you can take next and how our services can help you.

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